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Tom Ryan Art

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Tom Ryan (1922 - 2011) was born in Springfield, Ill. He started drawing at a young age but it was not until after his service in World War II that he decided to be an artist. While in the United States Navy, he made quite a substantial amount of money drawing and selling portraits of his shipmates and other servicemen. In 1945, after being discharged from the service, he picked up a Life magazine which had an article concerning N.C. Wyeth. He read the article, and loved the pictures reproduced from his own paintings in the article. That’s when he decided to be an artist. Through the GI Bill, he got an opportunity to study at the American Academy of Art. After his graduation, he returned to Springfield where got married to the daughter of a local doctor called Jacqueline Harvey (She died in 1998). After his wife’s death, Ryan and his family moved to New York City where he joined the Art Students League to continue with his studies. During his second year, Ryan’s painting won a contest. This painting later became the cover a novel "The Outlaw" written by Ernest Haycox, a Western writer. On a monthly basis after that, he also received an assignment from this publisher, and the novels were Western. So that's what he did for the next 6 or 7 years that followed. He then started to exhibit on Madison Avenue at the Latendorf Gallery. What he sold mainly were the book covers. Even after his death, the demand for framed Tom Ryan art is still growing.
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