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Andy Rouse Art

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Framed Pine Martens50% Off Art Prints
Pine Martens
by Andy Rouse
30" x 41"
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Andy Rouse is a unique and charismatic figure known for his unique and inspirational wildlife photography. Rouse is famed for his ability to capture some of the most fascinating and often potentially dangerous animals, and also for his ability to capture moments from the lives of birds and animals in the wild from his trade-mark stance and often from a different view point - that of being up close and personal. In recent years, Rouse’s photographic style has been developing to be all encompassing of the animals and their environment in order to augment his passion to highlight the beauty of the natural world and for telling a story. His images have been acknowledged as being some of the best in the world for many years. In the past 7 years, he has won 9 awards in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, a very prestigious award, including the Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Species. Rouse is the current holder of the Royal Geographical Society’s award the Cherry Kearton award for wildlife photography. Rouse has published fifteen books, covering photographic technique, species, and ecosystems. His stylish images appear in magazines and are used by clients across the globe – billboards, brochures, and on a range of animal t-shirts. Rouse’s talent in wildlife photography comes from his love of the environment and animals. He works alongside many animal researchers, top scientists, wildlife charities and conservation organizations throughout the globe. He has a conservation fund that donates money from a range of branded clothing to conservation projects in the UK. Framed Andy Rouse art are in great demand throughout the world.
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