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Deborah Roundtree Art

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Deborah Roundtree is a photographer based in California. She has been a photographer for more than 3 decades. She’s recognized as a devotee of high quality work. Deborah revealed her natural talents as a young girl when she would spend most of her free time admiring the works of the leading artists, and in the process, something in her convinced her that she was meant to be an artist. And today she’s happy that she yielded to the call since photography is the work that gives her the satisfaction she needs in life. The photographer got her break through Mojo/Day/Chiat, an advertisement agency that vets the show’s plot lines for authenticity. She takes pictures that she uses to fill Melissa’s portfolio. Deborah has displayed her art at leading art exhibitions earning her a huge following of loyal fans, and numerous awards. Her art, especially the framed Deborah Roundtree art, has found its way into many galleries, museums and homes all over the world. Deborah’s pieces of art are in great demand all over the world. She’s a photographer who believes that learning doesn’t stop but is a continuous process and she’s always open to get new ideas from her fellow photographers and even other artists in different career paths like painters. Deborah says it has been wonderful and she’s happy that she’s been able to fulfill the desire of her dream – to work in the arts industry. Her images have also appeared in many publications and some have been featured in many group and solo art shows throughout California.
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