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Leon Roulette Art

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Leon Roulette (Born 1959) was born in Southern California. He was so much interested in nature that he found himself reading a lot about naturalists such as John Muir. He never knew he would become an artist until one day he came across a small box containing his late father’s painting supplies and a few of his paintings that had been stored away when his father passed away. Roulette felt a strong connection with the box of paints that he knew his father once used. Since then he decided he wanted to paint too. Roulette enrolled in his first painting class at age 12 and he discovered that he possessed a natural talent in art. After graduating from high school, he proceeded to Orange Coast College and later transferred to California State University where he studied painting, fine art history, and sculpture. The periods of art that inspired him the most were the Dutch of the 17th century, the Impressionist movement of the 19th century and artists of the 20th century. After he completed his studies Roulette held a variety of art-related jobs while he continued to paint such as restoration work, picture framing, and art instruction to individual students. Soon commissions for his art both small and large came in from corporate and private patrons. He enjoyed producing paintings that depicted sporting and wildlife genres for a small sporting art gallery in Southern California. Within a short time a large publishing company approached him to manage their fine art serigraph studio. He was instrumental in the production original fine art serigraphs by renowned artists such as Robert Peak, Eyvind Earle, and Peter Max. Today, framed Leon Roulette art are much sought after by many collectors.
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