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Toby Edward Rosenthal Art

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Joe Rosenthal (Born 1911) was an American photographer who’s remembered for his iconic Second World War photograph Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. For this photo he received the Pulitzer Prize. The photo became one of the best-known photographs of the war. Rosenthal studied at McKinley High School in 1929, after his graduation from the school, he worked as an office boy, before moving to San Francisco where he became a photographer-cum-reporter for the San Francisco News in 1932. Rosenthal participated in many art exhibitions where his artworks have featured prominently. His works of art are owned by galleries, private collectors and museums around the world. His interest in photography started during the Great Depression, but it was just as a hobby and he never knew the interest would develop into a full time career. In the course of his work, he experimented with many techniques and mediums and was able to choose the best medium for any project he had at hand. For this and many other reasons, his art, especially the framed Joe Rosenthal art became very popular. They are still popular to date and that’s why many collectors stock them. He studied at the University of San Francisco and got a job with the Associated Press (AP). Two years later, he was employed by the US Maritime Service as a photographer and was assigned to serve in North Africa and the British Isles documenting life aboard ship. Rosenthal died in 2006 at age 94. He died of natural causes in his sleep.
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