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Ben Richard Art

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Ben Richard is a Canada-based photographer known for his distinct artistic flair and originality. He’s is one of twelve siblings, and lives in Quebec with his two children and wife who’s also an artist. He attributes his success to his wife’s support and to the support of his fellow photographers. He began his career as an artist very early in life. His works can be found in several institutions and in thousands of private and corporate collections all over the world. He has been involved in several projects that have all been successful. He’s a talented artist who has a remarkable ability to capture the loveliness and beauty of nature. Because of the high demand for his work, several galleries stock his ready to mount framed Ben Richard art while others avail them in a variety of other finishing options. He tends to look for better and innovative ways to present his work. Richard has won several awards. He has been capturing beauty with his camera for more than 25 years, while also building log homes, teaching high school, and doing carpentry. Richard’s work has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many upcoming artists. He has participated in many shows and is a member of many professional art societies and groups. He attends several national art and design expos in which he is represented. His images reflect a perfect balance of technical and emotion skills, and his artwork has been described as unique and painterly in color and presentation.
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