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Dennis Rhoades Art

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Dennis Rhoades is a Colorado-based landscape painter. He has an undying passion for painting and he’s particularly interested in calling attention to natural environment’s beautiful sceneries. Rhoades’ engaging artwork highlights the intrinsic worth of his surroundings and pays special attention to landforms, water, rock, sky, and soil just to name a few. He explains his approach in a simple way, “When I'm outside with my sketchbook, I am aware of the shapes of things and I visualize them in black and white. All of my paintings begin this way, in pencil or ink. As the shapes develop, the painting's sense of color relationships begins to emerge.” Rhoades earned his degree in fine art from the Kansas City Art Institute. Beauty and harmony are the main characteristic features of his paintings. His high quality paintings are designed to outlast and endure initial viewer’s infatuation. Rhoades explains the results of capturing light and natural forces, “Paintings become symbols of all that we are and on good days; some call it poetry. Nothing expresses human emotion better than a landscape painting.” He uses pastel as his preferred medium. His vibrant and strongly designed pieces of art reveal an artist who’s greatly inspired by his adjacent surroundings, especially nature’s beautiful sceneries. As a distinguished artist, Rhoades has received various awards and honors. He has been featured in various art publications, including International Artist Magazine, the Pastel Journal, and Southwest Art. Rhoades is a member of American Impressionist Society and the Oil Painters of America. His landscape paintings are displayed in various private and public collections in the US. Laminated, canvas, and framed Dennis Rhoades art are available in a number of galleries globally.
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