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Jade Reynolds Art

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Framed Romantic Sunflower II50% Off Art Prints
Romantic Sunflower II
by Jade Reynolds
19" x 23" Frame
Price: $215.99 
Sale: $86.40
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Jade Reynolds resides in Nashville, TN with her husband Ron Reynolds. She was born on the East Coast and spent most of her youth in Los Angeles and Manhatten. Her art is much influenced by her childhood, her family and friends. All her life Jade has been told by family and friends she should do art full time. This is because they noticed her talent while she was still very young. Today, she is proud that she is doing art full time. Jade was modeling and acting and had produced a TV special when she met the love of her life in 1981 and moved to Nashville, TN. Since then she’s never looked back. Jade decided she wanted to do art full time and retired from the furniture business. She had started the business of art and hand painted children's furniture in the late 1980s and stayed in it until 2010. With her experience in design and knowledge of manufacturing and gift design, Jade has been successful in licensing her art for many companies and designing for them new products. She has worked with art agents for many years and will now have more time to devote to her client’s design needs and also do for them fine artwork for reproduction and for galleries. She has been very successful with her children's art, though she never had formal training in art. She’s been working hard and has been earning money with her art. That’s why framed Jade Reynolds art are found in nearly all corners of the world. Jade has been working with publishers the past few years and will continue doing that that using the great relationships and contacts she has developed in that industry.
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