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Bill Rose (Recapturist) is a designer and photographer who has spent several years traveling across America looking for antique stores, yard sales, junkyards, and other improbable sources of inspiration to capture examples of American design and typography in the postwar era before they’re lost forever. He has a project dabbed Junk Type which is driven by his passion to document the aspects of American culture that’s disappearing. Currently his collection boasts more than 400 images portraying the visual history of postwar America. He tells this visual story through the distinct badges, icons, typography, and branding of America’s industrial heritage. Starting from unique handmade cursive lettering and Art Deco–inspired fonts to clean graphic logos and illustrated insignia bearing the 1960s influence of European design. His images together correspond to an encyclopedic source of creative graphics and typefaces. He’s affiliated with American Sign Museum and Society for Commercial Archeology. His images depict forms that were produced manually on a drawing table using techniques and tools that are nearly obsolete today. Each of his photographs represent just a detail—a specially created icon, an embossed logo, or an advertising slogan. The collection captures the pragmatism and optimism of the era of American industrial creativity and puts into a priceless resource for anyone with nostalgia (or an eye) for vintage design. Framed Recapturist art is very common in the homes of people who like American history. They are also found in galleries and museums. Recapturist travels the back roads of America looking for junkyards, neon signs, antique stores, yard sales, estate sales, etc.
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