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Manuel Rebollo Art

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Manuel Rebollo (Born 1986) is a Spanish graphic designer and illustrator. He loved art from an early age and has been working on arts since. What started out as an interest in painting has grown to advanced levels of art and he’s now a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator because instead of painting purely for fun, he decided to take it seriously as a career. Rebollo studied Graphic Design at Salamanca Art School and currently works freelance in the field of illustration and design. Based on the subject he’s covering at any given time, Rebollo uses different colors to make his paintings look real. And because of his use of calm and sometimes vivid colors, his art can be used in any room with amazing results. His talent, skills and professionalism have enabled him to create and nurture great working relationships with different individuals and companies. That’s why framed Manuel Rebollo art can be found all over the world. His work distinctively reflects the sensuality, love, fashion and music that have so enormously inspired him, and his images are lush and vivid combining elements of typography and design and reflecting his natural flair for capturing true beauty. He likes to play with, blank spaces, lines, subtlety of color, and concepts. His pieces of art have been to many exhibitions and have found their way into many museums, institutions, and homes. His use of color is powerful, ensuring that his work represents vivid and fitting sheds that represent his subjects perfectly. Fashion, music, sensuality and love are inspiration for his work.
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