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Donna Race Art

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Donna Race is a designer and an illustrator who was born and raised in New York. She also does painting and has been freelancing for more than 30 years. Her dedication and hard work have earned her admiration from her peers, and many upcoming artists see her as a source of inspiration. To her, art is part of life and is a tool of communication. She gets satisfaction from her creative works and uses them to communicate her inner feelings to the world. Donna believes that art makes life more fulfilling. She loves color and believes by using a lot of it, she effectively communicates her feelings to her viewers. Donna maintains ownership of all her work. That’s why she can make additions and or changes, at her discretion in order to create a solid custom look. Her illustrations are presently found all over the world in over 250 formats, and are available for licensing. Donna’s handling of color and contrast brings the canvas to life. She also plays with composition and texture to come up with beautiful images. She has sold a number of her pieces to individuals and companies. Framed Donna Race art pieces are in great demand and are thus stocked by numerous reputable galleries and collectors. She has taken part in several solo and group exhibitions across diverse geographical locations. Donna has more than 300 designs available for licensing, and she’s always available for designing custom art, although she does so with advanced notice and scheduling.
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