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Martin Quen Art

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Martin Quen (Born 1968) was born in Atlanta. His family had an only one of its kind balance of artistic, but grounded values. Today, Quen’s work can be found in both national and international collections. From a young age, he studied the works of Kandinsky, Matisse, and Rothko. With the diversity of his art, Quen’s art has received widespread appreciation. He must have inherited his artistic talent from his mother who was a well-respected art consultant and designer. Art and discussions of design became part of his life at a young age because they were commonplace in their home. Through family connections, an esteemed artist from Atlanta took a keen interest in Quen’s artistic work and development. Quen credits this Atlanta artist with his exceptional compositional style. At the age of eighteen, he became very active in graffiti competitions and this made him to evolve into a world recognized graffiti artist. Quen then began traveling to Miami, Madrid and New York to take part in these competitions and this exposed him to a great variety of influences and styles. Being exposed to an artistic way of life at a young age taught him that creativity and artistic dreams can be realized. His painting style had previously been a dull color palette, just like Monet’s, but, as his graffiti style emerged, it changed into an audacious color palette just like that of Miro. His works eventually softened to more of an emphasis on complex compositions with gusts of color. Framed Martin Quen art are highly priced by many discerning collectors.
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