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Claudius Ptolemy Art

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Claudius Ptolemy was a brilliant astrologer, mathematician, writer and astronomer. Not much is known about his birth and family but many believe that he was born around 100 AD in Egypt, Roman Empire and that’s where they believe he lived and died. He authored several scientific treatises, and the order of their publication has been deduced from the dates mentioned in his surviving works. A treatise now known as the ‘Almagest’ was his earliest major work. It was completed around 150 AD and was originally titled the ‘Mathematical Treatise.’ During the 2nd century, he lived in Alexandria in the Roman province of Egypt and authored several scientific treatises, all of which were of academic importance with three being of considerable significance to the development of European, Islamic and Byzantine science in later centuries. The ‘Mathematical Treatise’ was a detailed book that contained an outline of Aristotle's cosmology, the motion of the Sun, the length of the year, lunar parallax, the motion of the Moon, the motions of the fixed stars and planets, the motion of the lunar apogee, among other areas of astronomical relevance. In another book on geography (the ‘Cosmographia’ or the ‘Geographia’), he gave a thorough discussion of the geographic knowledge of the Greco-Roman world. This book was used by Christopher Columbus (the Italian explorer) as the map for his path to Asia many centuries later. Framed Claudius Ptolemy art is today found in many academic institutions. Ptolemy inherited a geometrical toolbox from his Greek predecessors and adopted Hipparchus' solar model for drawing his models.
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