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Crina Prida Art

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Framed Another Place 4
Another Place 4
by Crina Prida
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $255.99 
Sale: $255.99
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Crina Prida had been really mediocre at drawing in Art school. She tried to understand the technique by which three dimensions become two dimensions - but it simply never worked for her; during her schooling drawing was mandatory for passing any exam, she managed somehow to weasel her way around, but her interest was leaning towards ceramics and sculpture, the 3D arts in general. She painted for a few years after graduating from high school, and had a chance to exhibit some of her paintings - there was this annual exhibition of art made by doctors. She remembers that once she saw some really interesting photos by a fellow doctor, they were displayed next to her paintings, which sort of brought back memories of the days when she used to shoot crappy photos. At that point, painting had started being a problem; it was time-consuming, tedious and messy, while her private medical practice was beginning to grow; so Crina went out and bought a 4MP Minolta-Dimage camera. It was a point-and-shoot camera and she started shooting randomly. In 2006, she started an account on Pbase.com, and that is where her photographic journey began. Pbase is the first place where she got to 'grow' by interacting with other photographers. Later on she discovered DeviantArt, which she still finds to be one of the best platforms for sharing conceptual photography and art. Her art is also produced as framed Crina Prida art which are very popular because they come ready to hang. Today, she’s an award winning photographer who focuses on portraiture and fashion.
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