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Grace Popp Art

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Grace Popp is an artist who is pretty critical of her own work. She is constantly learning so she’s always on the lookout for what can add value to her art. Grace has really enjoyed painting animals in watercolor and has been pleased with the outcome. She knew from her childhood that at one point in time she would become an artist. She studied at Virginia Commonwealth University where she graduated with a BFA in Communications Arts. During her college years she worked different part time jobs with small commissions now and again. She also had a really great internship at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art where she worked with children. After graduation she got an internship at World Art Group and soon thereafter and became one of the in-house artists. Grace, originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, now lives in Charlottesville were she continues to create new art. Her mediums range from oil painting to graphite to watercolor, but recently watercolor has been her favorite. Her style can be pretty controlled, but watercolor really plays a big role in her art. She also does a lot of graphic work. Grace believes that living in an environment like Virginia and the community in Virginia has had a big effect on her artwork. She has had work featured in Quail Bell Zine, and her work has been exhibited in galleries such as the Gallery 5, Anderson Gallery, and Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. Today, framed Grace Popp art are much sought after by many leading collectors.
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