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Philip Plisson Art

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Philip Plisson (Born 1947) was born in Orleans, France. In 1991, he was appointed painter to the Navy. Unfortunately, the building that housed his workshops and art gallery at Crac’h was destroyed by fire on 19 September 2010. Plisson is best known for his maritime photography. The artistic gene is running in his family and his son Guillaume is also a photographer. Together with his son, they set up a publishing company called Pêcheur d'Images (Fisherman Images). His other two children, Frank and Anne, are also working with them. His lifelong love for photography began when he had his first camera. Though he started photographing as a hobby, the act soon developed into a full time career. Plisson challenges the notion that a photograph can capture only one specific moment in time. He uses a technique that not only reexamines the medium of photography itself but creates visually striking images. In 1991 he became one of the few photographers to be awarded the title Official Painter of the French Navy (Peintre de la Marine). He has produced several books including collections of photographs featuring the ocean liner Queen Mary 2, and also some featuring Ireland, Brittany, and Scotland. His art has found its way into some of the most prestigious buildings in the world, more so the framed Philip Plisson art. Plisson is much inspired by the positive reviews he receives from art critics and the comments from his viewers. His photographs continue to inspire many, particularly the students and teachers of photography. He regularly participates in summits and conferences to defend the sea, including meetings in Brussels of the European Union.
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