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Framed Picasso Line Art

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Framed Dog
by Pablo Picasso
23" x 27" Frame
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Price: $280.99 
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Framed Picasso Line Paintings

Pablo Picasso is famed for his abstract art, particularly in the field of cubism, use of his framed Picasso line art is just as striking. Often using just a single line, or a few simple lines, Picasso creates a prominent, clear visual image. Line art is an extension of most artists’ initial needs to get ideas onto paper. Not only used for identifying the outlines of a piece, we now appreciate line drawings in their own right.

With barely any detail and often with no color, framed Picasso line artwork by artists such as Picasso can elicit emotions from a wide array of art lovers, as there is so much joy to be seen in the simplicity of the piece. We may think that it is easy to create such a childlike image, but it is testament to the artist that these pieces’ popularity lives on.
For those looking for a piece of art with a simple message, framed Picasso line art makes perfect sense. Pieces such as “La Ronde” and “Dove with Flowers” show a meaning, which can be appreciated by everyone – a desire for peace and unity. Images such as the dove of peace repeat throughout the art, allowing it to form a collection with a similar style and message.

More complex pieces, such as Don Quixote and Bullfight use silhouette-style images to portray a sharply defined image. These do not use colour to stand out – the vivid images leap from the canvas. The Don Quixote sketch is recognized even today as one of the most prominent interpretations of the fictional Spanish hero. Picasso’s framed line art is an eclectic and innocent mix of animals, humans and mythology.
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