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Framed Picasso Cubism

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8 Items
Framed Guernica
by Pablo Picasso
45" x 24" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $410.99 
Sale: $205.49
Framed Guernica
by Pablo Picasso
53" x 26" Frame
+ More Sizes
Price: $829.99 
Sale: $414.99
Framed Woman with Tambourine
Woman with Tambourine
by Pablo Picasso
31" x 25" Frame
Price: $297.99 
Sale: $148.99
Framed Ladies on the Banks of the Seine
Ladies on the Banks of the Seine
by Pablo Picasso
31" x 19" Frame
Price: $252.99 
Sale: $126.49
Framed Violin and Guitar
Violin and Guitar
by Pablo Picasso
10" x 12" Frame
Price: $127.99 
Sale: $63.99
Framed Lemon and Oranges
Lemon and Oranges
by Pablo Picasso
26" x 23" Frame
Price: $264.99 
Sale: $132.49
Framed Portrait After Greco
Portrait After Greco
by Pablo Picasso
26" x 31" Frame
Price: $304.99 
Sale: $152.49
Framed Fruit Basket
Fruit Basket
by Pablo Picasso
31" x 26" Frame
Price: $299.99 
Sale: $149.99
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8 Items

Framed Picasso Cubism Paintings

Cubism is seen as a modern art movement, which is in keeping with the styles of many contemporary homes. It is difficult to believe that its origins actually date back over 100 years, to the turn of the twentieth century. Framed Picasso cubism artwork are perhaps the best known pieces, but this artist actually developed the style alongside Georges Braque, the French painter. Later artists to take inspiration from these two include Juan Gris and the abstract impressionist, Willem de Kooning.

Cubism can essentially be broken down into two categories – analytic and synthetic cubism. The former, running from around 1908 to 1912, is more severe and fragmented than its younger cousin. Examples of framed Picasso cubism art pieces include The Accordionist, a dull, monochromatic piece which showed the beginning of this art movement. Analytic cubism abandons perspective, using a two-dimensional plane to bring together the open forms of a three-dimensional image.
The transformation into synthetic cubism happened when artists such as Picasso and Braque started using foreign objects to make their art into a collage. Materials such as newspaper were used to evoke awareness of current events. Unlike analytic cubism, framed Picasso cubism art uses paper and other materials to allude to a particular object, rather than dissecting and reassembling it.

Framed Picasso cubism artwork is seen throughout the world as the signature of the cubist movement. His pictures, such as “Large Still Life with Pedestal Table” draw the eye in with its use of bright colours and dark outlines. Other artists’ works, which reflects this style, include Ferdinand Leger’s “The Man in the Blue Hat”.
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