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Jean Paul Art

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Jean Paul (Born 1923) was born in Montreal. In the 1940s, he studied under an artist of high standing and became a member of The Automatists movement. He later on studied architecture, engineering and photography at the polytechnic and later enrolled at the Montreal School of Fine Arts. However, he shifted his studies to the less academic School of Meuble from where he graduated in 1945. He was a sculptor and painter from Quebec, Canada. He was the first Canadian to achieve widespread international recognition (since Wilson James Morrice). Paul loved art from his childhood and he began drawing lessons at the age of 10 and continued with them until he was 15 years old. Paul decided to break up with traditional conventions in 1945 after reading André Breton's Surrealism and Painting, and he began experimenting with non-representational (or non-objective) painting. The artist was actively producing images for many years and these images have been attracting the attention of many viewers who usually give positive reviews. His art also received positive reviews from professional art critics. He liked networking and had a large network of loyal fans from all over the world and this network has been expanding over the years as more and more people get to discover his art. His art is also available as framed Jean Paul art which come ready to hang. They are also available online in many websites. Paul was among the people who signed the Refus global manifesto, an anti-religious and anti-establishment manifesto released in 1948 on August 9.
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