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Mel Patrick Art

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6 Items
Framed Floral Spray Two
Floral Spray Two
by Mel Patrick
26" x 26" Frame
Price: $297.99 
Sale: $297.99
Framed Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses
by Mel Patrick
35" x 44" Frame
Price: $842.99 
Sale: $842.99
Framed Autumn Scene II
Autumn Scene II
by Mel Patrick
25" x 25" Frame
Price: $279.99 
Sale: $279.99
Framed Floral Song V
Floral Song V
by Mel Patrick
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $255.99 
Sale: $255.99
Framed English Garden I
English Garden I
by Mel Patrick
30" x 36" Frame
Price: $404.99 
Sale: $404.99
Framed Tierra Azul
Tierra Azul
by Mel Patrick
41" x 34" Frame
Price: $816.99 
Sale: $816.99
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6 Items
Mel Patrick is an outstanding photographer as well as a gentleman. His wonderful photo collection dabbed the 'Pride of the Rio Grande' has attracted many viewers from far and wide. These unusual perspectives in photography come from Denver-based photographer Patrick who has been a railroad employee for more than 30 years. He usually strives for strikingly different images and his pioneering works stretch from synchronized flash to multi-media side-shows. He says that the most interesting bit of advice he was ever given from his 5th grade teacher. He was showing slides at her house in 1971. And at the end she asked him whether it was only trains that he could photograph. He needed to broaden his view. “if you can make an interesting photograph of something with railroad in it then you can get better images”, his teacher said. Since then, Patrick changed his way of thinking and broadened his view. And after seeing Winston Link’s night photographs in the Trains Magazine, he decided to try synchronized flash photography. Patrick realized that if he wanted to make impact, he would have to do something unique. There are very few people out there who could achieve that. Today, many people thank him for sharing his photos and they count themselves honored to have them in their homes or in their collections. Patrick says that the trick is not to make an image artificial but rather to make it as natural as possible, and also to use light in essence to paint the picture.
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