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Jan Panico Art

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Jan Panico studied fine art and interior design in school, and life drawing in Paris. After graduation, she took a job at Tiffany & Co. in New York City in the Display Department. She worked for several other major retailers after that. The first childhood memory she has is of her first set of finger paints. She got hooked and has been involved in artistic endeavors ever since. She’s both a cat fancier and an artist. She gives the term ‘cat lady’ a whole new meaning. All of her paintings are designed to give the purchaser a warm feeling as they recall a great memory. And each piece of art can be customized to suit the buyer’s need. Jan has great examples of finished products in a variety of subjects that the customer can select from. Each framed Jan Panico art comes ready to hang and she’s sure each customer will find the right piece. As a young child Jan found what later became both a passion and a life’s work. She says that the path leading up to her career was paved early in her life. Her art are intended for indoor use and because she uses high quality materials, they should last for many years. Whether you order a custom version, or select one of the pieces in stock, Jan knows you will enjoy the art for many years. In her spare time, she does commissions on screens, big canvases, murals and furniture. Her art inspires many artists, both upcoming and established.
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