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Marc Olivier Art

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Marc Olivier is a professional photographer. He began his work by using analogue equipment. But by good or bad lack, the equipment got burglarized then he switched to digital photography. Olivier takes photographic technique as a form of research and writing. Though he holds a PhD in French Literature, he works full-time as a photographer. Beginning with an idea, he explores Paris photographically just as if it were a library filled with books. His works are presented on different media. His images can be found in several institutions and in thousands of corporate and private collections all over the world. Because of the high demand for his work, several galleries stock his ready to mount framed Marc Olivier art while others avail them in a variety of other finishing options. Observing, shooting, refining and editing, the image, Olivier brings a particular story to his viewers. He believes there is something meditative and magical about freezing a moment in time. He has a keen sensitivity toward the beauty of nature and is open to learn new techniques and styles to keep his photography fresh. He also tends to look for new and inventive ways to present his work. Olivier’s art reflects a balance of emotional and technical skills, and his pictures have been described as painterly and unique in color and presentation. He has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many photographers. Olivier, his wife and his three children all love to travel with large SLR cameras. So they don’t miss any opportunity to take a great photo.
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