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Govinder Nazran Art

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Before he begins a painting, Govinder Nazran starts with a very rough first round color sketch, which he may have done some weeks or months ago. He keeps his sketches along with ideas and notes in dozens of his sketchbooks. These sketchbooks are overflowing with ragged bits of paper that contain the thoughts that just pop into his head without warning at the strangest times. His art training began in the North of England in Bradford, where he studied Graphic Design for 3 years, from 1980 to 1983. After that, he went on to further his studies; he chose to go to Lincoln Art College for a Higher Diploma in Graphic Design, and specialized in illustration. With the aid of his sketches, he knows exactly what he’s going to paint when he’s pinned up his canvas. He says that the process is very spontaneous. H has all my colors pre-determined. That artist uses solid oil bars which he applies directly onto canvas; he then manipulates the paint with his fingers, without using any brushes. Nazran adds that the paint that he applies reacts with the heat from his fingers and the more he works it, the more fluid it becomes making his work to become easier. It’s an unusual and wonderful medium to work with. Nazran was involved in directing photo shoots which later made him to become a photographic art director. His art has become very popular, more so the ready to hang Govinder Nazran art which come with all the necessary accessories.
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