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Martin Nasim Art

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Martin Nasim (born 1977) was born in Bulgaria, Sofia. His mother is from Bulgaria and his father is from Afghanistan. He has been drawing since childhood and it has been interesting to him. Nasim fell in love with black-and-white photography in his teen years and he studied it for five years alongside his formal education. Since then his painting career has evolved and he is now a professional artist. Nasim has been painting for many years and has several original artworks that are hand-painted. In 1996, he won a special prize in International Assemble of photography organized by the Red Cross. His life took a different turn after the military and he went out searching for his way, but he continued to draw small paintings and designs mostly with black marker and pencils. Nasim has always been close to his artistic side. One of the mediums he uses is paint markers and Plexiglas for canvas, the other one is skin and needles but each piece gives him energy of new love he is creating. Nasim is keen to detail and will always pick what many people can easily ignore. He believes that by appreciating the little things around us we can learn a lot from nature. Nasim loves creating art that is not just meant for hanging on the wall but that which can also inspire. Nasim also started tattooing in 2004 and now he is a professional tattoo artist and self-taught painter inspired by things he observed and nurtured. Quite a number of framed Martin Nasim art have found their way into many institutions and galleries and can be found with many collectors throughout the world.
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