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Natalia Morley Russell Art

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3 Items
Framed Silent Life of Trees I
Silent Life of Trees I
by Natalia Morley Russell
44" x 32" Frame
Price: $488.99 
Sale: $244.49
Framed Silent Life of Trees II
Silent Life of Trees II
by Natalia Morley Russell
45" x 33" Frame
Price: $500.99 
Sale: $250.49
Framed For the Love of Gold II
For the Love of Gold II
by Natalia Morley Russell
26" x 26" Frame
Price: $293.99 
Sale: $146.99
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3 Items
Natalia Morley Russell is an artist based in Sudbury, Ontario. She started her artistic career at the same place and has excelled in drawing and painting. She has a keen sensitivity toward the beauty of nature, and tends to look for new and inventive ways to present her work. She studied fine arts at Cambrian College where she became an honors student. Natalia specialized in sculpture, printmaking, drawing and painting. She has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many upcoming artists. Her artwork reflects a balance of technical and emotion skill, and her images have been described as painterly and unique in presentation and color. Some of her best pieces have become part of the Cambrian College Alumni Private Collection. After three years of extensive study at Cambrian College, she transferred to NSCAD University where she received her B.F.A. She’s never satisfied with the act of simply painting but is always looking at different methods of creating and presenting images so that the final products are truly unique and attractive. Natalia is currently working in a variety of different mediums; mix media collage, photography, acrylics, watercolors, gold leafing, graphite on paper, and pen and ink. As a collector of vintage materials, Natalia also creates whimsical lovely vignettes from apothecary bottles, vintage doll parts, and other collectable ephemera. Her works can be found in several institutions and in many private and corporate collections all over the world. Because of the high demand for her work, many galleries stock his ready to mount framed Natalia Morley Russell art while others avail them in a variety of other finishing options.
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