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Deac Mong Art

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Deac Mong (Born in 1955) has been a painter since 1980. Many people are surprised when they meet him and discover that he has no Asian ancestry. The name Mong is very common in and around Franklin. His last name is of Dutch or German origin, and no link exists to the Hmong people living in Laos and Vietnam. His first name is Daniel, and ‘Deac’ just has been his nickname since he was a little tiny kid. He had painted several assignment including portraits for William White, Venango County Senior Judge when the jurist asked him to do a historical painting for the courthouse. George Washington at Fort Venango was the subject, the name the British gave to their eighteenth century military post near Venango County (Franklin). He lives in Sugarcreek in the Venango County seat, near Franklin, and had experience with historical subjects, that included paintings for the visitors center at Venango County, and the Drake Well Museum in Venango County. The work Mong did for Judge White made him to be very famous and Martin J. O'Brien, the retired Butler County Judge asked him to paint another historical scene. Mong reads the journals to prepare for his tasks. Mong was raised in Venango County. He’s primarily a self-taught artist. He earned a degree in advertising from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. For quite a number of years, the artist commuted between Chicago and northwest Pennsylvania. It was in Chicago where he was a partner in a company that was tasked with providing art for 5-star hotels and retailers.
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