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Barbara Mock Art

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Barbara Mock is an award winning artist who’s widely known for her floral and garden paintings. She creates her artistic works using the impressionist style and delivers them in colorful finishes. Barbara’s works are known for their combination of both thin and bold brushes that show her working process. She has a deep understanding of design and color, skills that makes her artistic works quite appealing to the eye. Barbara mainly creates art using oil paintings, with canvas as her support base. Over the years, she refined her style and technique, coming up with a style that involves the use of diverse patterns and color palettes, making her artistic works fit in diverse settings, whether traditional or modern. Her subjects normally consist of whimsical angels, tranquil scenes, and flowers, among several others. Barbara was born in Guthrie, Oklahoma. She however has a wide travel experience, having been to several global locations where she’s rubbed shoulders with great artists. This is besides having studied alongside reputable artists such as Richard Goetz, JoAnn McCrary, Raymon Froman, and Naomi Brotherton. These artists had a great influence in her life, inspiring her to surge forward. Barbara started painting at a young age and only went through the formal art education to acquire more skills, unlike some artists who’re inspired into art through their school experiences. In addition to creating own art, she also offers art classes in different institutions. Barbara’s works have been exhibited widely and are found in galleries and collections worldwide. Framed Barbara Mock art pieces are availed ready for use in decoration. She tied a knot with her husband, Jim Mock, right after completing her high school education.
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