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Marianne Millar Art

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Framed Mon Shon
Mon Shon
by Marianne Millar
37" x 30" Frame
Price: $389.99 
Sale: $194.99
Framed Sacred Ground
Sacred Ground
by Marianne Millar
44" x 32" Frame
Price: $446.99 
Sale: $223.49
Framed Cherished One
Cherished One
by Marianne Millar
25" x 31" Frame
Price: $308.99 
Sale: $154.49
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3 Items
Marianne Millar is an artist from Southern California. Earlier in life, she regarded her talent so lightly such that she didn’t even consider art as a career, and she entered the University of California to study International Relations as her major. However, in her first year of study, she signed up for a painting class as an elective. Marianne says when she walked into the art building and smelled the oil paint she felt that that was home. In 1988 she graduated with a fine art degree from a department where she was guided by Robert Arneson and Wayne Thiebaud who were contemporary artists. The education she received placed much emphasis on modernist tendencies that did not entirely sit well with her. Marianne tried desperately to enjoy modern art, but it didn't speak to her. She thinks a lot of modern artists should be writers because they aren't in love as much with visuals even though their concepts are great. To satisfy her own realist leanings, Marianne wound up 3 years later in the illustration department at California State University. Still there are two key aspects of illustrating that failed to rhyme with Marianne’s artistic preferences: First an illustrator usually has to go from concept to finished product in less than two weeks, but Marianne is not quick with her art, secondly illustrators have to work small, but Marianne likes to work big. She therefore chose to work according to her own preferences producing very unique paintings. This has made framed Marianne Millar art to be in great demand.
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