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Elli Milan Art

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Elli Milan’s obsession with art began when she was still a child. She always carried with her pieces of crayons wherever she went. Her mother would often find melted crayon on her cloths after they went through the wash. Even today, this obsession is still with her. Milan says that if she doesn’t work on her prints, posters or art everyday she feels incomplete. Elli met her husband, John in Hawaii where she grew up. They both attended Savannah College of Art and Design. They currently share a studio at their home in Arizona. Elli received her BFA from The University of Georgia. Her husband is also a full-time artist. What has inspired many of Ellis’ prints, art and posters is the fact that she lives in the beautiful Mediterranean coastal city of Kavala, Greece. The clean and bold colors of her work together with the contrasting light are a reflection of her memories in Greece. She loves the contemplative zones she experiences while painting and the process of painting itself. Ellis attributes most of her success as an artist of posters, art, and prints to her faith, her passion to paint, and the opportunity she has to share in the creative process along side her husband. John and Elli have three beautiful daughters. They now live with their children in Queen Creek, Arizona. Milan and her husband are well established artists with careers that have seen their work in private collections and galleries in the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Europe, and Dubai. And for those who would like to use her creative pieces in different environments, laminated, canvas, and framed Elli Milan art can be found in galleries and numerous other art outlets located in a variety of global locations.
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