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Steven N. Meyers Art

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Steven N. Meyers is radiographer who focuses on unveiling the inner beauty of plants and flowers. Through his art, he shows shapes, structures, and the beautiful patterns that naked eyes can’t see. As opposed to the use of normal light, Meyers’ art captures innermost details such as shadows, light, shapes and all the other details possible within the electromagnetic spectrum. His art can be categorized as positives, negatives, and solarized, which is somewhere in between positive and negative. With radiography dating back more than 70 years, a lot of elements of nature have been explored. However, Meyers still believes that there is a lot more to be uncovered. He therefore keeps his quest to discover the tiniest of details and to bring them out as an expression of the intricacies, beauty, and architecture that's hidden in nature. With the urge to have his freedom to create art at his convenience, Meyers went ahead to purchase his own radiography equipment. The move allowed him to explore more and experiment with a variety of plants and flowers. Meyers’ over 25 years of experience as a radiologist has seen him capture elements that many haven’t. The fact that he delivers monochromatic images in different color shades makes his art usable in different designs. Meyers currently works as a radiologist in Washington State, specializing in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). He creates close to 700 different radiographic images every year and sells through a variety of platforms. Thousands of laminated and framed Steven N. Meyers art are currently found in homes, offices, hospitals, and different other settings.
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