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Ken Messom Art

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Framed Oxbow Bend50% Off Art Prints
Oxbow Bend
by Ken Messom
44" x 32" Frame
Price: $706.99 
Sale: $282.80
Framed Reflections Of Whiddy Island50% Off Art Prints
Reflections Of Whiddy Island
by Ken Messom
44" x 26" Frame
Price: $354.99 
Sale: $142.00
Framed Liquid Gold50% Off Art Prints
Liquid Gold
by Ken Messom
19" x 31" Frame
Price: $226.99 
Sale: $90.80
Framed Reflections50% Off Art Prints
by Ken Messom
19" x 31" Frame
Price: $230.99 
Sale: $92.40
Framed Golden Evening50% Off Art Prints
Golden Evening
by Ken Messom
32" x 44" Frame
Price: $702.99 
Sale: $281.20
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5 Items
Ken Messom was born in Nottingham in the district of St. Anns. His creative artwork began about the same time the Apple Mac computer arrived and started making litho artists a thing of the past. Messom received less hours from the company he was employed by. Therefore he decided to work from home, helping companies with typesetting, graphic art and design work, but he was still competing favorably against designers who were using computers, something he had no time for and was therefore not using. During this same time, Messom still painted his own work and was exhibiting in the Royal Academy. However, like many artists, he didn't paint for commercial gain, only for his own pleasure. Even though at ten years old, he was already selling pencil drawings of knights in armor to his fellow pupils, it wasn't until his son Tim came back from five years of traveling that he started serious artwork. Tim loves his father’s art and made it his business to get his father the recognition his works deserve. Messom’s artwork has been exhibited in many galleries throughout the country. He has illustrated several books on wildlife which is one of his passions. In 2002, he published his first set of cat and dog portrait greetings cards. A few years ago, he moved to a beautiful spot on the west coast of Ireland, where he bought a small cottage by the sea. That’s where he currently lives and works. Framed Ken Messom art are in great demand and are stocked in large numbers by many discerning collectors.
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