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Megan Meagher Art

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Framed Designer Chair VII
Designer Chair VII
by Megan Meagher
16" x 20" Frame
Price: $153.99 
Sale: $153.99
Framed Soliloquy II
Soliloquy II
by Megan Meagher
25" x 31" Frame
Price: $367.99 
Sale: $367.99
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2 Items
Megan Meagher’s interest in art began at an early age. She’s desired a career in art as early as her teens. From her early school years through high school, many of her close friends noticed her talent and encouraged her to pursue arts as a career. She would spend most of her free time drawing and sketching. She later attended James Madison University where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art specializing in painting and drawing. While at the college, Megan explored photography and screen-printing. She also studied Art History extensively. Her images are touching, warm, and ethereal. She is one of the most popular artists in the world today because of her unique viewpoint. Megan’s endearing images of have been published on calendars, greeting cards, posters, and stationery around the world. Megan likes experimenting with new techniques of painting. That’s how her skills developed. She incorporates dynamic and bold colors into her pieces. Framed Megan Meagher art are owned by galleries, private collectors and museums around the world. Megan’s pieces often incorporate elements from paintings that she admires. They have a unique look, with clearly defined and angular facial features. Many of her paintings are inspired by the memories of the places she has visited. She is also inspired by several master painters. Her greatest influences are Chuck Close, Mary Cassat, and Philip Pearlstein. She has worked at Old World Prints for over 10 years. Megan continues to add clarity and elegance to classic, contemporary design, and further pursues her own art.
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