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Kate McRostie Art

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Kate McRostie showed signs of becoming a painter at the age of 8 months when she spent hours coloring a chair at home. Her parents ensured that their daughter had enough opportunities to grow her drawing talent. Kate was lucky to get formal drawing classes throughout her grade and high school life. Born into a family of military background, she used to move a lot from one state to another. This exposed her to many cultures that helped to grow her skills in depicting different lifestyles. Katie attended the Atlanta College of Art where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture. After graduation, she moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, where she started her career as a painter. Her decorative painting business was successful as many people in the area were looking for an interior designer for their houses. It was during this time that Kate met her husband who was serving in the military at the time. In 1996, her husband left active duty to help her work on their decorative painting business. Over the last several years, her artwork has received many accolades from fans, retailers, and manufacturers. She has been involved in the designing of a number products retailing in many shops today. Kate’s passion for drawing has seen most of her work displayed in both public and private galleries. This has earned her a lot of recognition all over the country. Many art businesses sell laminated, canvas and framed Kate McRostie art. Customers can therefore easily choose the finishing options they would like to use.
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