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Judith Mcmillan Art

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The works of Judith McMillan (Born 1945) take the images of plants to a new realm. She studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Case-Western Reserve University, and at Smith College. Judith uses an X-ray machine as her camera to photograph the internal structures of plants. This reveals the beauty of natural forms that’s invisible to the eye. Her images are beautiful, eerie and ephemeral. In her current work, she slightly tones her prints using a chemical process that produces a mysterious shift between warm and cold tones. Judith is fascinated by natural cycles. That’s why she uses specimens collected throughout the seasons and records their transformation from bud to blossom and from blossom to seed. A series of his photographs shows a complete metamorphosis from life to death. The ferns, locust seeds, orchids, water lilies, poppies, and gladioli that become the focus of her work take on a life that’s strangely translucent, opening the viewer’s mind to an alternate view of reality. In her photographs, what’s familiar, common and predictable is transformed into a world of newly discovered pleasures. She transforms what’s familiar, common and predictable into a world of newly discovered pleasures. Through her photographs an unseen microcosm emerges from within the complexity of botanical forms in a wonderful marriage of art and science. The eye of the viewer falls endlessly through the interlacing textures. To increase the collectability of her art, Judith produces them in a variety of finishing options; among them the ready to hang framed Judith McMillan art.
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