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James Mazzotta Art

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James Mazzotta grew up in South Jersey. Even as a young child, he knew that art would be an integral part of his life. His family, teachers and friends would lovingly encourage him to express his creativity. This experience provided Mazzotta with a strong foundation in which he grew up while attending a Catholic School and he was ferociously patronized by ominous nuns. The carnival sounds, atmosphere, colors and smells, delivered him lots of raw creative material to work with as a young artist. South Jersey was a wonderful place for a creative person to grow up. Mazzotta is inspired by dynamic elements of nature. He made landfall at another beach in South West Florida shaded with beautiful palms. The artist has had the great good fortune to have worked for and with some of the most discriminating and gifted artists. Many clients have been drawn to his work because of the colors he uses as well as the theme. They especially like the framed James Mazzotta art for their attractiveness and durability. While working as a political illustrator, cartoonist and photo editor, and artist in the newspaper business, his award-winning work appeared in US News, the New York Times, London Times and many other national publications. Loving what he does is the force that keeps him moving. His imagery tends to allow the viewer to experience a moment of reflection and solitude. Today Mazzotta his wife operate and own their island art gallery just a short distance from the Gulf of Mexico.
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