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Jill Mayberg Art

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Jill Mayberg is an American artist whose passion for art sparked during her childhood as a result of her mother’s influence. With that passion, she later moved to San Francisco in the 1980s for art studies, presenting her with an opportunity to meet and work with many creative artists. Mayberg’s studies were centered on ceramics and drawing, but the environment allowed her to partake of graphic design, painting, jewelry design, among other artistic lessons. Living with her mother, their house had a variety of creative works of artists such as Matisse, Picasso, and more. Besides stocking such artistic works at home, they made several visits to New York-based galleries and other locations. Such visits provided her with an amazing opportunity to see quality works of artists and other great features, including the Statue of Liberty, and amazing architecture used in buildings, bridges, and more. As if everything was already planned from the very onset, she had close proximity with Roosevelt, New Jersey, allowing her to have contact with highly reputable artists. After she completed her studies in San Francisco, she embarked on serious painting in the 1990’s, although she was mainly using the works to decorate her New York trade show walls. Interestingly, the mounted creative works appealed to Mary Lou Zeek, who decided to help her organize a solo show. The show became a huge success with all her paintings getting fully sold out, leading her to forget about everything to focus on art making. Her works have won her numerous awards and grants, and have seen her honored with Artist Trust Fellowship. Several galleries sell ready to mount Jill Mayberg framed art to make it easier for decoration.
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