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Michelle Mara Art

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Framed Goals - Sunset
Goals - Sunset
by Michelle Mara
35" x 29" Frame
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Price: $353.69 
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Michelle Mara is an artist who’s much concerned about the protection of wild lands and animals. That’s why she donates both originals and prints every year to conservation organizations for their fund-raising programs. She started watching and drawing animals since her childhood, and by 4th grade, she would spend all of her free time in the woods observing wildlife near her home, painting and drawing each species and writing descriptions of it. Pursuing nature art with the keenness of a field biologist has always been her method of working. Her work has been widely published over the past decade and has won many awards. She’s also a writer who has written and illustrated numerous informative articles for nature publications. Michelle’s first book, featuring more than 100 illustrations, was completed in March 2004. Her home is located on a forested mountainside near the boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park – she uses her home as her studio. Michelle learnt to appreciate the beauty of nature early in life, and that’s where she gets her inspiration to date. She also gets inspiration from the places she has travelled to and from the people she has interacted with. Her education enforced her passion for animals as it included natural history subjects as well as art. Michele majored in wildlife ecology and ornithology. Framed Michelle Mara art are in great demand all over the United States and beyond. She works tirelessly to capture the wildlife and the perfection of wilderness from the arctic tundra of Alaska to the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado.
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