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Judy Mandolf Art

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Judy Mandolf (Born January 10, 1937) is an American artist who was born in Logansport, Indiana, to Albert Harold and Lillian Arnold. She married Norbert E. Mandolf on November 9, 1928. Judy was a student at the University California, San Diego, from where she earned a degree of certified court reporter in 1996. She started her career life as a personnel manager of Hydro Products, San Diego, from 1966 to 1973. Judy then became a freelance artist, working as a photographer from 1980. She also began working as a freelance court reporter from 1971. Judy displayed her art on different platforms, including shows at Del Mar, California, in 1995 and1996. She also took part in Art Photography Competition, Fallbrook, California, in 1996. Judy won Best of Show award in both of these shows and also scooped a first place in Computer Edge magazine's art competition. She started her art career by hand painting black and white photographs for US and Europe audience. In 1996, her interest in computer-generated imagery became evident and she began to learn more about it. She used the digital help to transfer her imagination to paper, something she couldn’t do without the digital approach. She said, "I had images floating in my mind for years that I was unable to reproduce them photographically. I am so fascinated by the absolute freedom afforded by the digital medium to create my mindscapes." Judy’s creative works are a creative representation of the things she sees in her life, only that she delivers them with an artistic touch. She was once inspired by a broken vase that had one rose in it. She explained that it was broken in such perfect pieces that she knew that it had to be photographed. Her works are found in high profile collections of Dohme, Merck, and Sharpe. They've also found their way in a number of publications such as 360 Degrees, Photographers Forum magazine, American Photographer and several others. Those interested in purchasing canvas, laminated, or framed Judy Mandolf art can find them in galleries and art dealerships.
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