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Honey Malek Art

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Honey Malek is California-based artist who grew up between the desert, mountains, and ocean in a magical place called the “Valley.” Honey’s childhood lent inspiration, influence and color to her calling as an artist. Today, she finds creative inspiration all around her: in art magazines, museums and books, art galleries and the color palettes of nature. She had a great childhood and has tremendous love not only for the place she lived, but for all of Southern California. Her art takes the viewer on a journey of pure inspiration, infused with a dramatic yet tranquil essence that guides the spirit into realms of new expansion. She loves all things retro and vintage and has been inspired by the old neon signs that made her city so long ago. She prefers to work with acrylic paints, because they dry quickly and because of their transparent layering qualities and depth. Honey is heliophile, road trip junkie and is addicted to all things rusty, abandoned, ugly, forgotten and old. She describes her work as a spontaneous blend of harsh and soft applications of paint coupled with slow and deliberate layers to create a contemporary urban feel or florals. Framed Honey Malek art grace the walls on many institutions, hotels, and even people’s homes. She is a member of One Tree at a Time, GRUNGE IT UP, STOP and Smell the Roses, Amazing Orton Effect, Challenge Theme: CitySkyline, just to mention a few. She is a regular visitor of art galleries as she loves to learn from other painters.
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