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Lynne taetzsch Art

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Born in East Orange, New Jersey, artist Lynne Taetzsch (born, 1941) is both a writer and an abstract painter. Since 2000 she’s been based in Ithaca, New York where she has her own studio. She grew up in Newark, New Jersey until her family moved to Irvington when she was in the 3rd grade. Lynne says from the time she can remember she was always making some kind of art, from holiday decorations and craft projects to sculpting homemade play dough. When she was old enough to get some allowance, she spent it all on art supplies and loved it so. As a child Lynne was happy to coordinate her eye and hand, to copy and to achieve technical mastery of her tools. She was very enthusiastic and felt joy of craft, of handling paper and brush, paint and chalk. In her early teens she did a lot of drawing from nature. Lynne delighted in the intimacy she gained through close look at a subject. A couple years later she become depressed and alienated, and decided to write. At this time she painted and drew a lot of portraits to keep her occupied. She would make everyone in her family sit for her. Though they often complained that she put emphasis on their worst features, she felt justified considering that she was no less cruel to herself. Lynne would look in a mirror as she painted her own portraits. By the time she got to the University of Southern California, she had lost interest in fondling objects and she fell in love with painting. Today she’s one of the best artists in the world as can be seen in the framed Lynne Taetzsch art.
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