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B. Luini Art

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Framed Madonna & Child
Madonna & Child
by B. Luini
12" x 10" Frame
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B. Luini (Born between 1480 and 1482) was a painter from North Italy born in Dumenza. Little in known about this artist but he loved art from a young age and produced several works in the city of Milan. He became known amongst the Lombard painters and, he’s said to have trained at the Milanese School of painting under Ambrogio Bergognone. He also trained under Leonardo da Vinci. Luini and Boltraffio Giovanni Antonio were both successful students from da Vinci’s studio. Some of the works completed by the two were signed in da Vinci’s name. Luini is especially known for his Luinesques - graceful female figures with elongated eyes. His first fresco works are in San Pietro of Luino (an Adoration of the Magi), which he did in 1505. Luini was noted for his fresco work in the city buildings and chapels throughout Milan. He also completed several oil paintings that are noteworthy. Luini may have worked in da Vinci’s studio for some time, before establishing his own reputation as a master of frescos. This was around about 1507, and most of his most notable documented work was for St. Maurice of Milan - the Old Monastery - commissioned by the Count Giovanni Bentivoglio. The framed B. Luini art are particularly in great demand due to the high quality of materials used in their production. That’s why they are stocked by many galleries and collections. Luini is described as a light hearted man of high religious ideals and not as an intellectual painter.
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