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Marc Lucien Art

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Framed Road Less Traveled
Road Less Traveled
by Marc Lucien
44" x 32" Frame
Price: $454.99 
Sale: $227.49
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1 Item
Marc Lucien is a New York-based artist. He grew up in Bronx in the 1960s. He left college and traveled a lot, spending much of his time sketching and painting in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. What started as hobby finally blossomed into a full time career. When he returned to New York, he began working in Manhattan at a frame shop. He got his inspiration from the fact that he was looking at art everyday; and he began to experiment further with his painting. His art improved in great leaps and through the friends he had met at the frame shop he began to sell his work to local galleries. Lucien was then able to devote all his time to his art and begin traveling again. His travels and the people he interacted with continue to inspire his art. Lucien developed a keenness to detail after realizing that the more his art looked more realistic, the more they attracted viewers and buyers. The fact that he never completed college has not hindered his creativity. Today he’s one of the much sought after artists, and his art can be found adorning the walls of many galleries, museums, institutions and homes around the world. In fact the framed Marc Lucien art are highly priced by many discerning collectors, both private and corporate. His art has fared well in the many art shows and exhibitions in which he has participated and they have been a great source of inspiration to many upcoming artists.
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