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Robert Lott Art

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Framed Smokies Cabin
Smokies Cabin
by Robert Lott
28" x 21" Frame
Price: $267.99 
Sale: $267.99
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In addition to his photography, Robert Lott enjoys teaching Photography Workflow and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography using Post-Processing and Lightroom in the Chester County Night School found in southern Pennsylvania. He developed an interest in photography just about two years before his retirement. Initially, Lott was photographing her daughter’s volleyball games to hone his skills. With time, he expanded this interest to include taking photographs of landscapes that capture the beauty of nature. Lott holds masters degrees in engineering (Louisiana State University) and business (the University of Delaware), but he’s primarily a self-taught photographer. After his graduation, he worked at DuPont as an engineer for more than 40 years, after this, he decided to direct his creativity toward urban decay, landscape and nature photography. The starting point for his work is the camera image. He tries to create a finished image which best captures the lighting, emotion, dynamic range and depth that he experiences when observing the scene before him. Lott frequently utilizes multiple images which he captures by varying the shutter speed. He then combines them during post-processing using software to capture the depth and the full dynamic range of a scene as he observed it. Post-processing with various plug-ins, Photoshop and Lightroom help him to craft the final image. He’s a member of National Association of Photoshop Professionals, Chester County Art Association, Chester County Camera Club, and Rehoboth Art League. This has popularized his art, especially the framed Robert Lott art. His art has been published in several leading magazines.
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