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Sebastien Lory Art

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Sebastien Lory is a Parish-based photographer living in one of Paris’s Southern banlieues rouge. He is also a Sales manager in IT industry. He boasts a happy and bold personality and believes that it is through art that he can transmit his feelings to others. His contributions in photography are reckoned with and he’s widely respected for his works. Lory specializes in the cityscape of Paris and the historic monuments that make the city the most grand and romantic in the world. His works have been widely published in books, calendars, and in many national magazines. In his work viewers will find the best shots that they can use to explore the Paris. What motivates him to do what he does is his passion for art creation. His creative pieces have been widely displayed in diverse locations throughout the world. He finds his inspiration in his daily surroundings. He is an artist who brings together his love of photography and illustration to create adventuresome designs. His originality is triggered by his keen observation of nature mixed with his urge to explore media. Lory’s styles vary, depending on the mood he’s in and the subject. He tries different techniques or styles to express his ideas. He is good with colors and knows how to work with various shades to bring stunning effects to his images. Framed Sebastien Lory art is found in many private and public institutions. They have been made popular because he has worked on several projects that have found their way into a number of high profile private and corporate companies.
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