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Roberto Lombardi Art

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Roberto Lombardi was born in Italy. He devotes all his time to painting, concentrating mostly on landscapes, producing images and bright colors that instill an uplifting and refreshing theme. He studied painting at an early age and was influenced by his father who was also a landscape painter. Lombardi combines a unique sense of personal intimacy with playfulness leaving the viewer inspired. He’s an internationally recognized landscape painter who derives his inspiration from the beauty of landscapes and the inherent light and color in our natural environment. His works have been brought into countless homes, businesses, and exhibited all over the world. His art is found in many collections around the world. Also available to purchase are a sampling of his work in the form of framed Roberto Lombardi art. He’s very careful when it come to the choice of subject matter as he wants to increase the collectability of his art. He continued his education traveling throughout Europe, studying and painting at several institutions and received a graduate degree in Paris. His art can be used to decorate any space; that’s why they are popular with people from all walks of life and of all age brackets. His landscapes have gained him reputation internationally. He travels extensively and shows his work in exhibitions across the United States and Europe. Within a short time after starting to work as a full time artist, he had managed to pull a huge following of fans. He uses his art to communicate with his viewers but leaves the interpretation for them. He prefers to work on site, sketching balcony scenes and his garden settings in charcoal before meticulously recreating the final painting in effervescent oils in his countryside studio.
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