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Beth Logan Art

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Beth Logan has an eclectic style of art production and she’s a firm believer in following her heart. She draws pictures for a living and she really, really likes to draw a lot. Beth produces artwork that she can also be pleased to have hanging on her wall. Her talent in the arts was noticed early enough and she got a lot of encouragement and support from family and friends. She loves working with color and textures because they allow her to produce artwork with much detail. The artist has always lived in the Pacific Northwest and has had a strong passion for drawing since she could first hold a crayon. Due to the several years she has worked as an artist, Beth has developed her own style of painting because she doesn’t want to be constricted by any rules. Her art to stands out among the works of other artists this is because of the uniqueness of her style. She’s able to try everything and anything and learns from her own successes and failures. She studied graphic design in Seattle at the Cornish College of the Arts. Today, her art can be found on all sorts of wonderful products. They are also found in many online stores and in physical stores as framed Beth Logan art. Beth is easily inspired by a few of her much loved things: nature, gardening, and animals. She spends most of her days happily painting and drawing in the Seattle home she shares with her little family.
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