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Fra Filippo Lippi Art

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Fra Filippo Lippi (Born 1406) was born to a butcher by the name Tommaso. Both his parents died when he was still young so his aunt, Mona Lapaccia, took charge of him. In 1420, her aunt registered him in the community of the Carmelite friars of the Carmine in Florence. He took the Carmelite vows in 1421 when he was 16 years old. Lippi remained with the Carmelite friars until 1432. He loved drawing more than studying so the prior allowed him to study painting. Eventually, Lippi left the monastery but he was not released from his vows, for in 1439 he described himself as the poorest friar of Florence who was charged with the maintenance of 6 marriageable nieces. He rose in ranks being appointed the chaplain of S. Giovannino and eventually the rector of S. Quirico in Legania. In 1441 Lippi painted an altarpiece for the nuns of S. Ambrogio. The painting represents the coronation of the Virgin among saints and angels. It is now a prominent attraction in the Academy of Florence. Lippi spent the close of his life at Spoleto. This is where he had been commissioned to paint scenes from the life of the Virgin for the apse of the cathedral. This series was completed by Fra Diamante after Lippi's death. Lippi died in Spoleto on the 8th of October 1469. Today, framed Fra Filippo Lippi art are much sought after by many renowned public and private collectors. They can be found in many art exhibitions and museums.
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