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Framed Vintage Roy Lichtenstein Wall Art

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Framed Ball of Twine, 1963
Ball of Twine, 1963
by Roy Lichtenstein
15" x 16" Frame
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Roy Lichtenstein (27 October, 1923 – 29 September, 1997) was among the pioneers of pop art and one of the very few who gained recognition through it. Besides being a strong practitioner of pop art movement, he was also a respected art critic. Lichtenstein covered a number of subjects, but was more into romance, Yellow Pages, and comics. His works not only depicted his subjects in parody, but were also characterized with high expressiveness that properly documented his subjects. Lichtenstein’s pieces that covered popular culture inspired many artists of his time to appreciate the role of culture in art. His entry into pop art was faced with criticism from art critics who felt that the pieces he created lacked originality. That didn’t dampen his conviction to pressure on. As a result, he has become a notable influence in pop art, including the use of strong outlines to create drawings. Even as he was creating pop art, he still insisted that the abstractness of his subjects was equally important to him. Lichtenstein studied at the Art Students League in New York before proceeding to Ohio State University for his masters. After earning his masters, he settled back in New York City where he worked as a commercial designer and artist. He came to stamp his authority in pop art in the 1960s when he held solo exhibitions in Leo Castelli Gallery. Lichtenstein created his work using oil, but also used magma, which was the early type of acrylic. As he ventured more into pop art after deviating from abstract impressionism, his works became more popular. A few of the famous pieces he created then include "Whaam!", "Drowning Girl", and "Woman with Flowered Hat", which was sold in 2013 and holds the highest in auction price among all his works. The art was auctioned for $56 million. Roy Lichtenstein framed art pieces are available in different galleries. Some of his original works are exhibited in different art collections centers across the globe. "I'm never drawing the object itself; I'm only drawing a depiction of the object - a kind of crystallized symbol of it."
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