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Judith Levin Art

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Framed Apples and Grapes
Apples and Grapes
by Judith Levin
43" x 16" Frame
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Price: $263.99 
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Judith Levin (Born 1956) was born in Leeds, Yorkshire. She loved painting from her childhood, and her paintings have been collected since she was only 15. Judith’s intuitive talent developed quickly, coming to the limelight at the Exhibition of European Fine Art in Tokyo and was one of the nominees for the UK Woman of Achievement Awards. She was nominated alongside such luminaries as Jilly Cooper and Barbara Taylor Bradford. Her paintings are now in corporate and private collections worldwide. Judith developed a unique technique in pure painting. Without the use of planned or drawn outlines, she freely built a classical composition directly onto the canvas. She used this technique in her early works that comprised of a series of flower paintings. The technique reflected the free and natural compositions of the flowers themselves. Her paintings are known for their contrast of texture. Judith develops her paintings from direct observation. Her still life paintings reflect the same freedom of technique which gives them an expression of simplicity in their form. All her paintings display simplicity of application, a delicacy of touch, and a wonderful understanding of color. Those who have collected her paintings have often done so because of the quality of stillness and peace in her work. They have often commented on these attributes. One of the collectors said that she paints “valium on canvas.” Judith has been elected to the Society of Artists winning the Still Life Prize. She loves still life drawing above all other techniques. Currently, there are many galleries that sell framed Judith Levin art ready for the wall due to the high demand they have.
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