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Edwin Levick Art

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Framed Yankee Rainbow
Yankee Rainbow
by Edwin Levick
16" x 14" Frame
Price: $137.99 
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Photographer, Edwin Levick (Born 1868) was born in England but he moved to America at the age of 31 to work in New York City as a translator of Arabic for the Guaranty Trust Company. The collection of his art consists of about 210 negatives (some glass but most film). Among the 210 negatives from California, 192 are views of Walter Chrysler's home and Times Square at night. In almost 80 negatives he recorded the Eagle Pencil Company strike of 1938. His other assignments include the Housewrecker's Union strike of the 1930s, movie theater marquees, a women's tennis tournament, Jimmy Durante as Santa Claus and radio opera broadcasts sponsored by General Motors. Each image has a brief caption. After working for some years as a translator, he turned his attention to photography and was supplying his photographic services to the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, Rudder and Motorboat Magazine, as well as the New York Herald Tribune. Many buyers preferred the framed Edwin Levick art so he produced them in large numbers. He was photographing for magazines and wrote for newspapers of the day; but he eventually decided to specialize in maritime photography. Levick was very successful and within a few years, his business expanded to a level where he had to employ 7 assistants, including Morris Rosenfeld, who later gained a reputation as a leading maritime photographer in his own right. Levick was declared the "best known maritime photographer in England by The New Rochelle Standard. He was a member of the New Rochelle Yacht Club.
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